Here’s one that took me quite a while to finish. It’s based on one of the photos I made on our trip with the Catalina to Barcelona in 2010. I spotted this couple  in Park Güell on a rare day off from crewing duties and couldn’t resist taking a surreptitious snapshot. The couple was almost as colourful as Gaudí’s beautifully designed park and I loved the way they seemed to only have eyes for each other.

Although I really enjoyed drawing this illustration, I’m not particularly happy with the end result. I’m pleased with the couple, who were always intended to be the focus of the picture but feel I’ve gone seriously wrong with the background. The original picture showed quite a jumble of buildings in the mid distance and a rather hazy skyline in the far distance, so I tried to simplify. In doing so, however, I messed up both the perspective – which is quite wrong on some of these buildings – and the focus of the picture, which is now far too busy. I tried to correct it by making some further changes to the park bench but , alas, the damage was done! Well, I said I would post my work ‘warts and all’, so… here’s one with warts :-/

Done in my A4 Moleskine watercolour book. I used Derwent Inktense pencils to create the underpainting and completed the drawing with my trusted Berol Karisma pencils and some Prismacolor Verithins for the details.